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I have added captures from the latest Once Upon a Time episode to our photo archive in 1080p. Did you enjoy the episode?

Ben Watkins the Writer/Executive Producer of the Amazon pilot Hand of God tweeted a photo of Julian behind the scenes yesterday. You can view it in our gallery or in the tweet below.

I have added two behind the scenes images of Julian in the upcoming episode of Once Upon a Time to our photo archive.

You can view the promo for the episode below:

Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday (April 27, 2014)!

Julian and Jeff King tweeted an image of Julian on set with Ron Perlman. You can view the images in our photo archive and the tweets below.

I have added the images that have been tweeted of Julian on set of his upcoming project Hand of God to our photo archive.

Julian tweeted earlier that he will be attending the ATX Festival to discuss why his television series My Generation should have never been cancelled. You can read the tweet as well as the article below. Find the article here. You can follow ATXFestival on twitter as well as visit their official site for more information on the event.

If you don’t remember the 2000s, there’s always ABC’s Austin-centric mockumentary My Generation to remind you. And if you missed My Generation, then luckily the ATX Television Festival is on hand to re-run the experience.
Since its debut in 2012, the festival has celebrated the prematurely cancelled, from pivotal works like My So-Called Life to overlooked gems like Love Monkey. Now it’s time to binge watch My Generation, the millennial faux-documentary about surviving the first decade of the 21st century.
Originally titled Generation Y, ABC pulled the plug on the the Austin-shot after only two of its eight episodes were screened, and the rest made it online. So for fans of the series, the ATX fest crew have announced that they’ll be reassembling one of the show’s romantic sub-plots, with Daniella Alonso (who played overachieving Congressional staffer Brenda) and Julian Morris (Brenda’s lost love Anders) in attendance, plus writer/producer Noah Hawley, who will be in town to discuss his newest show, FX’s series adaptation of Fargo.
It’s another slot filled in the festival’s already bulging schedule. It seems like just yesterday (well, technically it was Tuesday) that ATX announced the Fargo screening, plus a preview of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain, and a Roswell cast and crew reunion. That’s on top of the already announced Archer, Bates Motel and Justified events, plus a chance to become one of the growing audience that realizes that Orphan Black is one of the most underrated shows on TV today.
ATX Television Festival runs June 5-8. Three day passes available now. More info at www.atxfestival.com