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I have added a shoot by ZeldaWilliams to our photo archive. You can view it by clicking on the thumbnails below. A new social media image has been added as well, you can view that here.

I have added additional images to session 001 in our photo archive. I would like to thank my friend Becky for helping me with these and sending them our way!

Ben Watkins, Creator/Executive Producer of HandofGod, tweeted an image of Julian in character. You can view the tweet below and the image has been added to our photo archive. Are you excited for pilot?

I have updated our photo archive with various additions including Pretty Little Liars 1080p screen captures, Eleventh Hour 720p screen captures, Photo Sessions as well as reorganized the albums in the category, Magazine Scans and Twitter/Instagram/Social Media (his social media accounts as well as friends and co-stars). We also have a brand new gallery theme which was a premade by my friend Jennifer.

Project Note: Amazon should have the pilot episode for Hand Of God sometime in August. I’ve heard it might be for prime members, but unsure if it will be available for purchase otherwise or not. But if not and you would like to give Amazon Prime a test run to see if you like it, you can do so at amazon.com for a month then cancel at anytime before the trial ends or continue on with the $99 a year plan. Don’t forget to support Julian as well as the other cast members by purchasing the pilot.