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Julian hosted a live Q&A on his official facebook page in light of the Hand of God pilot premiere. I have archived those questions and answers below.

  • Question Ron Perlman: I saw it. Now my turn… why did you feel the need to bow each time you saw me at work? I found that confusing!
    Answer Julian Morris: Hahaha get used to it !
  • Question Amanda LaBozetta: Is Wren returning to PLL? He’s one of my favorite characters; that accent though
    Answer Julian Morris: Glad you like him. I enjoy playing but busy with #HandOfGod so no plans yet.
  • Question Dean Latimer: What is it like to work beside the legend that is Ron Perlman?
    Answer Julian Morris: humbling and kinda sexy
  • Question Adrienne Hollaman: The first acting gig I saw you in was Cry_Wolf, and I loved it so much. Lent the DVD to a friend and haven’t seen it since. What’s been your favorite role, as of yet? And, what’s your favorite genre to play?
    Answer Julian Morris: Honestly, Paul in Hand Of God has been my favorite. And that project and Kelly+Victor are the ones I’m most proud of.
  • Question Rebecca Joan: Do you believe in god?
    Answer Julian Morris: I’m not religious myself.
  • Question Ellie Bostick-Woolman: Each role you play is always so different, what attracted you to the role of Reverend Paul Curtis? x
    Answer Julian Morris: Always been fascinated by the charisma of certain preachers and their theatrics and the separation between their stage personality and who they really are. Paul was a great opportunity to explore this.
  • Question Annabel van den Berg: how can i watch #handofgod when i don’t live in the US or the UK?
    Answer Julian Morris: Should be coming to other countries soon although I’m not sure when exactly. First it has to be picked up to series and enough people in the US and UK have to show interest and give it good ratings.
  • Question Alizée Dherin: Hi! I managed to watch HoG in France and I really loved it. I was wondering if you would see yourself playing the same role in a TV show for 5/6 years or would you get bored? Kisses from
    Answer Julian Morris: I really believe in Ben Watkins the creator of Hand of God and his imagination. I know if it went to series he’d keep me on me feet.
  • Question Sam Van der Stappen: Love you man! You are a big inspiration
    Answer Julian Morris: cheers
  • Question Ellaessa Santos: What did you learn in #HandofGod??
    Answer Julian Morris: how much a great director matters and how much it can free up your performance.
  • Question Luísa Bastos: what’s the first thing you do after you wake up?
    Answer Julian Morris: um coffee and eggs. scrambled always.
  • Question Chloé Trinh: Listen to Take me to church by Hozier bae
    Answer Julian Morris: Saw him at the Troubadour. He’s great.
  • Question Cheenee Serrato: What have you enjoyed so far in your acting career? x
    Answer Julian Morris: Hand of God is up there. Also treasure my experiences with the Royal Shakespeare Company in London.
  • Question Luísa Bastos: do you think is weird see yourself on tv? #HandOfGod
    Answer Julian Morris: sometimes yeah !
  • Question Hélène Pétré: Do you find Dana Delany sexy?
    Answer Julian Morris: fuck yeah
  • Question Ilias Franck: Describe the movie in 3 words?
    Answer Julian Morris: revenge power sin
  • Question Katie Walsh: what was the first thing you did when you found out you got the role on hand of god?
    Answer Julian Morris: Took a road trip to Joshua Tree.
  • Question Thomas Bastos: Do you miss the #PLL cast?
    Answer Julian Morris: I see Ian a lot.
  • Question Annabel van den Berg: what’s it like to act with other actors?
    Answer Julian Morris: A lot of fun and my favorite thing about the job. Nice to see how other people play a scene and let yourself react to it.
  • Question Rebecca Fine: I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard about an Amazon preview? What network will it be on?
    Answer Julian Morris: See here http://j.mp/HofGd1
  • Question Kellie O’Callaghan: Have you been to Ireland ?
    Answer Julian Morris: No, have good friends there including Sarah Bolger. Would love to go one day.
  • Question Maité Van Hessche: What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?
    Answer Julian Morris: See Kelly+Victor. My prep for Hand of God had its odd moment too.
  • Question Elise Meneses: Can u tell me more about your character?
    Answer Julian Morris: Again from another interview I just did but should give you a good idea, Elise:
    In Hand of God I play Reverend Paul Curtis, an actor turned preacher, a man with all the subtlety of the Vegas strip. Now that he’s a man of the cloth Paul is using his hustler mentality to fortify his church. Charm is one his biggest assets, but he’s not all shine. He’s intelligent. Aside from latching on to Pernell, Paul’s best move may have been getting his girlfriend Alicia to fall in love with him. Like Pernell’s visions, Paul’s intentions are unclear. We’re not sure what he’s more concerned with, growing God’s flock, or his own bank account. Paul’s affinity for quick money and shortcuts have gotten him in trouble in his past, a past that is always sneaking up behind him.
  • Question Sam Van der Stappen: You should give us a fanbase name.. Any ideas?
    Answer Julian Morris: what are your ideas?
  • Question Elise Meneses: How would you describe Hand of God?
    Answer Julian Morris: Hand of God is show about revenge, power and faith, unfolding in the shadows cast by the sins of desperate men and women.
  • Question Rebecca Joan: What was it like to film scenes with Ron Perlman? #HandOfGod
    Answer Julian Morris: Amazing! Love that man more than I should. Incredible actor – just has it. Had huge amount of fun with him on set and really look up to him.
  • Question Larissa Garcia: What was your favorite scene to shoot?
    Answer Julian Morris: I loved getting to preach at the end of the episode. Also loved my scenes with Dana Delany and Elizabeth McLaughlin.
  • Question Annabel van den Berg: when are you gonna be on once upon a time again
    Answer Julian Morris: Up to the producers of that show on that one.
  • Question Jihen Adhar: no I can’t see it, ’cause its not available for me in germany.
    But my question is: will you come to germany one day in the nearest future?
    Answer Julian Morris: Yes, #HandOfGod will be coming to Germany soon I’m told.
  • Question Melita Klaić: Do you have any other projects coming up? love from Croatia!
    Answer Julian Morris: Drangonheart comes out next year. A remake of the original it’s with myself and Sir Ben Kingsley.
  • Question Amanda Clark: What famous person would get nervous about meeting? Who is your idol? x
    Answer Julian Morris: Christopher Hitchens is my idol although he’d hate to hear me phrase it that way. I met him shortly before he died and couldn’t speak I was so starstruck – just smiled and nodded my head. Only time that’s ever happened to me.
  • Question Elena Avery SomerWesley: Have you ever been to Italy?
    Answer Julian Morris: yes, love.
  • Question Annabel van den Berg: do you like your fans?
    Answer Julian Morris: you all mean the world to me. your support is everything
  • Question Melita Klaić: How was it working with Dana Delany?
    Answer Julian Morris: Loved working with her! Immeasurably talented and had great ideas for our scene. Looking forward to spending much more time with her in the future. And she squeezed my balls.
    Answer Julian Morris: me too!
  • Question André Leonardo: What’s it like working with Marc Forster as a director? Larissa Garcia (aka @hugmejulian) misses you! She met you in Brazil.
    Answer Julian Morris: Just wrote this for another interview:It’s been a dream of mine to work with Marc Forster. I’ve been a huge admirer of work for many years. Watching Monster’s Ball was a pivotal moment for me, as an actor at a point in my life when I was deciding if this was a career at which I could dream of having a chance.

    His direction has been incredible. He’s someone who allows you to make bold choices and experiment while knowing that he always has your back and is pushing, in the most relaxed and sensitive of ways, for your best work. He knows these characters inside out and so his adjustments are surgical in their precision and always of enormous value.

    He also happens to be a really wonderful person and I hope I get work with him many more times in my career.

  • Question Annabel van den Berg: whats your favorite song at the moment?
    Answer Julian Morris: http://open.spotify.com/track/7dpOCuGJOlxDhEouNQNCBM
  • Question Elise Meneses: Not yet
    What do you most like about Hand of God?
    Answer Julian Morris: Always wanted to be part of show I feel this passionate about and of this quality. It pushes me as an actor I can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • Question Vanessa Marie: Where am i able to watch #Handofgod?? I love your acting & i love to see you play all of these different characters, i absolutely love how different you can act for different roles, it’s truly amazing. I’m such a HUGE fan & can’t wait to see more of you in the future!!
    Answer Julian Morris: http://j.mp/HofGd1
  • Question Kevin Chaduc: Well I guess the only way to find out is to actually ask you a question – If you could chose one TV drama and one TV comedy to get a role in, which ones would it be?
    Answer Julian Morris: would love to try my hand at comedy. thanks for the help everyone. I’ll be doing a live q&a on my facebook page tomorrow 1pm PST to celebrate release of #HandofGod on amazon! See you all then xx
  • Question Neha Pawar: Yay! Yea..
    Answer Julian Morris: ok cool! Want to do a live q&a tomorrow but figuring out best way to do it. Details soon and thnx for the help xx

Julian Morris: Thanks for all your questions guys. Good to meet some of you and chat. Let’s do this again soon and let me know what you think of Hand Of God when you see it! XX

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