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I have added screen captures from the pilot to our photo archive as well as captures from the Behind The Scenes video featured on Amazon and the vimeo video that was uploaded by JeffKingTV. You can now watch, rate AND review the pilot on Amazon.com, follow this link to do so. It has a 9.6/10 rating on IMDB so far, 203 ratings/reviews (most of which are 5 stars!). You can view those by following the link as well and scrolling down to view what everyone is saying and don’t forget to watch, rate and review it yourself! That’s what is so wonderful about this, YOU can decide if this goes to series or not. Personally, I think it should. What do you think? You can view the HOG tag on tumblr (gifs and all that jazz!) by clicking this link or the Julian Morris tag which might also include some Reverend Paul Curtis gifs you can reblog/like. Twitter tags can be found by clicking here (HOG) and here (JM).

Click below to view some of the Customer Reviews on Amazon (to view all go here).

Most Thought Provoking Series Since Breaking Bad
Perhaps the most thought provoking series since Breaking Bad. In an era in which people more and more are manipulated by those who use religion for their own selfish needs this series plays in that gray area. Perlman is giving the performance of his career. Dillahunt returns to serious drama with a powerful punch (if Perlman’s Harris is Walter White, Dillahunt’s KD is Pinkman). Reverend Curtis has the makings of one of the great villains (he’s the unholy coupling of Elmer Gantry, Jerry Lundegaard and Boyd Crowder). The final moment twist takes this psychological drama into possibly the heightened insanity of Twin Peaks and True Detective.

I have yet to be drawn to a Amazon series until now this can be the breakout series which has the quality to rival HBO, FX and Showtime in terms of the perfect balance of serious drama, pulpiness and a vivid protagonist.

One Of The Best Pilots of 2014
What you’ll find here:

1) Well-drawn, layered characters who swim comfortably in the gray area.
2) Unpredictable storytelling that keeps you hooked from moment one until the multiple twist ending.
3) Wonderful performances by every single actor put in front of the camera and a sleek, atmospheric direction that plunges you into these characters’ world.

If you like your pilots intriguing, fresh, and original…this is the show for you. Hands down one of the best pilots I’ve seen in awhile… and heads and tails above most everything on network TV. Do yourself a favor: click play. Indulge. Then vote this through to become our next binge-worthy obsession.

I knew It was going to be good from the first 10 min,
I knew It was going to be good from the first 10 min, but the the last 10 showed potential for greatness.

One of the best pilots I’ve seen in forever,
One of the best pilots I’ve seen in forever. It’s like Breaking Bad but with a religious, mystical spin. Excellent cast with fantastic performances. Amazon needs to make this one a series.

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