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Julian tweeted the following image/instagram message earlier letting us fans know that Hand of God should be out end of this month (August.) You can view the image in our photo archive and follow Julian on twitter and instagram (if you aren’t already).

‘Hand of God” should be out end of August. I’m blown away by this crew.

We have a brand new theme up that is Mobile Friendly (Designed to show a more friendly to-the-point view of your site. Check it out for yourself by resizing your browser to see the mobile version in action!). It is a premade theme by Carol, I just tweaked it a tad bit. I hope you all enjoy this new version and if you have any issues, please contact me via our social networks or email.

I have added screen captures from a video posted by @LandonRoss to our photo archive. You can view the video below. I have also added an instagram photo posted by Julian’s Father @glenom to our gallery.

I have added the two photos shared via twitter mentioning #FunnyorDie to our photo archive as well as screen captures from Julian’s first Funny or Die video. Credit includes ju1ianmorris, dashiell and funnyordie. Remember to keep an eye on the Funny or Die site for the new video mentioned here and here.

I have added images from various projects of Julian’s to our photo archive.

I have updated our photo archive with the recent instagram images, photo shoot outtakes and screen captures from Julian’s instgram. If you aren’t following him on instagram, you should do so as he is very active on it (which also posts to his tumblr) as well as his twitter. His official site has been updated recently with a new photo shoot outtake as well as his imdb.