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Hi everyone! I’m Jasper and I’m the new owner of this site. Thanks to Kaci for letting me adopt it. I’ve been a huge fan of Julian for a long time now, and I’m very happy to be running a site on him now.

Anyway, Julian and co-star, Ron Perlman, shared photos from the set of Hand of God recently. Check them out below or in our gallery.

I have added the photo to our photo archive. You can also view it below.

My man julian just banged a little TRX session. Well done bruz. #julianmorris #dontbeasissy

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Julian tweeted the following image/instagram message earlier letting us fans know that Hand of God should be out end of this month (August.) You can view the image in our photo archive and follow Julian on twitter and instagram (if you aren’t already).

‘Hand of God” should be out end of August. I’m blown away by this crew.

Julian and Jeff King tweeted an image of Julian on set with Ron Perlman. You can view the images in our photo archive and the tweets below.

Earlier Julian tweeted a photo of him in GQ Style UK. You can view it below or in our photo archive. If you would like to sign up for a subscription, you can do so here (uk residents) or here (outside of the uk).

I have added the scan version thanks to julianmorris.net.