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Julian returns in the next episode of Pretty Little Liars! Check out the promo for the episode below, along with a sneak peek featuring Wren meeting Ezra.

Check out the official trailer for the second and final season of Hand of God. All ten-episodes will be launched exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on March 10th.

Created and written by Ben Watkins (Burn Notice), Hand of God returns with Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), starring as Judge Pernell Harris. The hard-living, law-bending king of San Vicente, “Judge Maximum” has finally hit bottom as he faces trial for the murder of a cop. While his visions and the ghost of his son will slowly lead Pernell through a conspiracy that is bigger than he could have imagined, they will threaten his relationship with his wife and everything he holds dear. This season, Judge Maximum must fight on two fronts—to restore his sanity and gain his freedom.

Julian appears in the latest promo for the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. It’s a short one, and he appears around the 00:02 mark.

And don’t forget to purchase your digital copy of Dragonheart 3 on iTunes, today!

South of the wall, Gareth battles to see if he is worthy to guard Hadrian’s wall. ‪#‎Dragonheart‬

View this clip as well as others and more on the official facebook page for the film! If you have tumblr, you can follow a fantastic Dragonheart centered page here with all sorts of information.

Also, I have added various additions to our photo archive, you can view the latest uploads page here.

Jess and Ryan are taking their relationship to a whole new level by coming out as a couple at work. Writer Sophia Lear breaks down the episode “Coming Out” which airs January 13th.