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South of the wall, Gareth battles to see if he is worthy to guard Hadrian’s wall. ‪#‎Dragonheart‬

View this clip as well as others and more on the official facebook page for the film! If you have tumblr, you can follow a fantastic Dragonheart centered page here with all sorts of information.

Also, I have added various additions to our photo archive, you can view the latest uploads page here.

Jess and Ryan are taking their relationship to a whole new level by coming out as a couple at work. Writer Sophia Lear breaks down the episode “Coming Out” which airs January 13th.

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Dragonheart 3
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When aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead find the dragon Drago (voiced by Academy-Award® winner Ben Kingsley). After Drago saves Gareth’s life the two become intricately bonded, and must work together to defeat an evil sorcerer and stop his reign of terror. Along the way, Gareth learns the true meaning of being a knight in this fantasy action-adventure for the ages!

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