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Here at Julian Morris Network we are all about respecting Julian as an actor and person. We do not wish to support gossip journalism, paparazzi photography, or anything else that might be harmful to Mr. Morris. I acknowledge that some people find it amusing to see Julian walking up and down the streets, stopping at a local shops, spending time with his family and as an ordinary person. But as fans, we must learn to respect Julian’s personal feelings about that. And how it must feel to have the line between personal and professional life blurred. Let’s remember that we, as fans and supporters of his work, should draw lines between what is Julian’s public life and what is his private life.

Although it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight that comes with being a celebrity, also choose to have their personal life exploited in the media, I think different. Being a public figure should not have to mean to have all aspects of your personal life being in the media 24/7. Or have everything you do during your down time placed under a microscope for any and everyone to see.

For this reason, I have made the decision of not posting any candid photography of Julian, this includes photos of him driving, dining, vacationing, spending time with family, etc. On set photos do not fall under this category unless he looks extremely uncomfortable with his image being taken in that moment.

As for the subject of Gossip/etc, you will not see anything that would be posted in a ‘tabloid’ or on a ‘gossip’ site. If a project is up, it has been thoroughly researched and might include ‘rumored’. As for subjects that fall under the ‘gossip’ category, those have been excluded on this site as well. Anything that I find that is disrespectful or something I feel bothers me as a fan and might bother other fans or Julian himself, I do not include. (sections of interviews/etc)

We are proud to be Stalkerazzi (Paparazzi) and Gossip free. We encourage all fans to have the same respect and courtesy when it comes to Julian’s privacy.